A guide for high school graduates / Politechnika Rzeszowska im. Ignacego Łukasiewicza

A guide for high school graduates

Ignacy Łukasiewicz University of Technology is the oldest technical university in south-eastern Poland. The excellent reputation of the university is confirmed by the number of candidates for higher education, which is growing year by year. A diploma from the University of Technology opens doors to the best companies and enterprises in the world. Thousands of graduates have left the walls of  the University so far.

 The Rzeszów University of Technology Aviation Training Centre in Jasionka provides training for civil aviation pilots, specializing in pilotage. The training meets all the requirements of European regulations. Glider enthusiasts have the opportunity to test their skills at the Academic Glider Centre in Bezmiechowa - a beautiful village in the Bieszczady Mountains.

 A great advantage of Rzeszów University of Technology is its excellent location in the capital of Podkarpackie Voivodeship. The infrastructure of the university creates an ideal place for studying. It provides ideal conditions for developing interests and passions. The campus of Rzeszów University of Technology offers rich didactic equipment, modern research laboratories and scientific apparatus. The University Library is equipped with a book collection, which gives the opportunity to develop and deepen academic knowledge. The University has taken care of numerous facilities for people with disabilities.