Strona: Academic Sports Centre / A guide for high school graduates

Academic Sports Centre

The Centre for Academic Sports provides best conditions for development of physical culture for students and cooperates with units of Rzeszów University of Technology in conducting didactic, sport and scientific activities. The Centre's didactic and sport activities include: compulsory physical education classes, classes within CSA and AZS sports sections, alternative forms of physical education classes for students of all years and majors, didactic classes within the fields of study and recreational and sporting events for the academic community organized in cooperation with AZS.

All classes are held in sports facilities of PRz located in the student campus in Poznańska Street, which include three sports arenas for basketball, volleyball, tennis, futsal, handball and rooms for martial arts, fitness, gymnastics and table tennis, as well as indoor and outdoor gyms and pitches for beach volleyball and beach soccer. Only the indoor swimming pool is rented to students.

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