Strona: Chemical and process engineering (in English) / A guide for high school graduates

Chemical and process engineering (in English)

Types of studies

First cycle studies (engineer’s)

Full time


Course description

Chemical and process engineering is one of the four key branches of technology, along with mechanical engineering, civil engineering and electrical engineering, dealing with processes concerning transformation of substances and energy on an industrial scale in order to obtain products with desired properties so as to maximize profits and meet environmental protection requirements. Graduates of the course acquire marketable, interdisciplinary technical education that is useful for engineers, technologists and designers in many branches of industry.


What to take for the Matura exam?


Basic level

Extended level




chemistry or physics and astronomy/physics or computer science




Employment prospects

  • engineering and managerial staff in the broadly defined processing industry: chemical, petrochemical, plastics processing, biotechnological, food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, energy, machinery and metallurgical,
  • companies producing specialised apparatus,
  • companies operating water, sewage, waste gas treatment plants,
  • engineering offices,
  • design studios,
  • industrial research and development laboratories.