Strona: Electrical engineering (in English) / A guide for high school graduates

Electrical engineering (in English)

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Types of studies

First cycle studies (engineer’s)

Full time


Course description

A degree in electrical engineering provides the knowledge and skills necessary to function effectively in most modern companies. Graduates of electrical engineering find employment not only in companies operating in the electrical engineering sector, but also in places where more or less complex technological processes take place. Upon completion of the electrical engineering course, graduates will be able to design electrical systems and equipment, including power electronics, and use renewable energy sources (solar, wind and geothermal).


What to take for the Matura exam?


Basic level

Extended level




physics and astronomy/physics or computer science




Employment prospects

  • companies in the electrotechnical industry,
  • energy companies,
  • electrical installation and network construction companies,
  • companies involved in electric drive automation,
  • companies involved in electronics and industrial IT,
  • design and research offices.