Strona: Mathematics (in English) / A guide for high school graduates

Mathematics (in English)

Types of studies

First cycle studies (engineer’s)

Full time


Course description

Graduates of the mathematics major are familiar with the basics of modern mathematics and its applications, with particular emphasis on applications in economic sciences. They can make complex calculations and describe and analyze many phenomena in the field of economics, finance, banking and insurance. They are proficient in using IT tools to solve theoretical and practical mathematical problems. They can carry out statistical analyses and studies and use mathematical models necessary in various applications of mathematics.


What to take for the Matura exam?


Basic level

Extended level




computer science or physics and astronomy/physics, or a modern foreign language




Employment prospects

  • banking sector,
  • financial institutions,
  • insurance companies,
  • business analysis departments,
  • IT departments of enterprises,
  • software development teams,
  • institutions specialising in statistics or mathematical modelling of diverse processes.