Strona: Mechatronics (in English) / A guide for high school graduates

Mechatronics (in English)

Types of studies

First cycle studies (engineer’s)

Full time


Course description

Mechatronics graduates possess in-depth knowledge, skills and competences in the operation, programming and construction of industrial mechatronics systems. As part of the curriculum, they learn about the principles of designing mechanical systems, programming automation systems, analysing system dynamics, operating and programming measurement systems, programming robots, vision systems and the principles of constructing industrial networks. Thanks to this knowledge they are qualified to work in production plants, design units or service companies operating in the field of mechanical engineering. Graduates' qualifications enable them to smoothly operate in modern information technologies, such as: machine learning, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, realised in accordance with the Industry 4.0 concept.


What to take for the Matura exam?


Basic level

Extended level




physics and astronomy/physics or computer science




Employment prospects

  • companies producing and implementing industrial automation systems, robotic stations, industrial measurement systems in the area of vision systems, structural dynamics measurements, non-destructive measurements, optical measurements
  • companies using mechanical devices, automation systems, robotised industrial processes, information technologies for training and learning,
  • companies dealing with supervision, control of machines and devices or automation systems,
  • companies in the field of modelling, simulation, visualisation of automated production lines,
  • laboratories and research and development centres