Strona: Doctoral School of Engineering and Technology at Rzeszow University of Technology / A guide for high school graduates

Doctoral School of Engineering and Technology at Rzeszow University of Technology

The School trains personnel for industry and education. Its aim is to prepare for conducting research work, necessary to write and defend a doctoral dissertation, and to transfer the latest global knowledge from selected areas of engineering and technical sciences and research methodology in the field of learning outcomes.

The Doctoral School offers education in scientific disciplines in which Rzeszów University of Technology is authorized to confer a doctoral degree:

  • automatics, electronics and electrical engineering,
  • technical and telecommunication informatics,
  • chemical engineering,
  • civil engineering and transport,
  • materials engineering,
  • mechanical engineering,
  • environmental engineering, mining and power engineering.

Each participant in the Doctoral School is entitled for four years to a doctoral stipend of 37% of the professor's salary until the month in which the mid-term evaluation was conducted and 57% of the professor's salary after such evaluation.

The training at the Doctoral School is free of charge, lasts eight semesters and is carried out on the basis of an educational programme and an individual research plan. The School provides the doctoral student with scientific supervision and support in independent research work, provided by a supervisor or supervisors.

Recruitment to the PhD School takes place by means of a competition, during which scientific achievements are evaluated (scientific publications), participation in projects, scientific internships, scientific conferences, as well as the final grade on the diploma are taken into account. During the interview the candidates' predispositions are assessed. The condition of admission is the consent of the scientific supervisor (future thesis supervisor) and the head of the unit where the research will be carried out and lack of health contraindications.

For more information, please visit  the Doctoral School website.