Strona: Campus of Rzeszów University of Technology / A guide for high school graduates

Campus of Rzeszów University of Technology

The campus of Rzeszow University of Technology is located close to the city centre. Student dormitories are located between Podkarpacka Street and Powstańców Warszawy Avenue. On the area of 40 thousand square metres there are six dormitories. Students have a choice of student dormitories: "Akapit", "Alchemik", "Ikar", "Nestor", "Pingwin" and "Promień". All dormitories are very well equipped. In each of them there is a gym, a common room, a student shop and a laundry. All rooms are equipped with a landline telephone, which allows connections both between rooms and outside the university, a cable TV socket and access to the local computer network and the Internet. Students have at their disposal sports fields, sports halls and car parks.

Rzeszów University of Technology ensures safety of its students thanks to monitoring of the buildings on the campus and professional security staff. Student dormitories provide accommodation for about 2,5 thousand students. Additionally, future pilot adepts have at their disposal"Aviata" dormitory near the airport in Jasionka near Rzeszów.

For more information, please visit the Student Residential Area's website..