Strona: Centre of Aviation Education of Rzeszów University of Technology (OKL) / A guide for high school graduates

Centre of Aviation Education of Rzeszów University of Technology (OKL)

Aviation Education Centre has a long tradition in aviation, dating back to the late 70's. Here students of aviation and aerospace specialization "piloting" are educated.

Training is conducted in accordance with the integrated training programme for the ATPL(A) licence (Airline Transport Pilot (Aeroplane)), meeting the requirements of European regulations, approved by the Civil Aviation Office. Graduates will be awarded a Commercial Pilot License (Aeroplane) (CPL(A)) with instrument rating (IR) and multi-engine rating (ME). The programme includes MCC (Multi Crew Cooperation) and UPRT (Upset Prevention and Recovery Training). These ratings make up what is known as an Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL(A) frozen) and allow a pilot to work in domestic and international air transport, having previously 'unfrozen' their licence as part of a training course organised by the airline concerned, which entitles them to fly a specific type of aircraft. Once certain conditions have been met, pilot students may take a JOC (Jet Orientation Course). The training is connected with the study programme of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Aviation of the Rzeszów University of Technology.

Practical training, which takes place on modern aircraft and FNPT II MCC class flight simulation devices, is conducted by the Centre's staff and airline pilots. On the simulators students learn navigation procedures and how to behave in emergency situations. During the integrated system training, the student has over 150 hours of flight time in the air and over 70 hours in the simulator. There are certified organisations within the structure of OKL: ATO - pilot training, CAMO - continuing airworthiness management, AMO - maintenance, MTO - training of service aviation mechanics.

The infrastructure of the Centre is located on the area of its own airport EPRJ, in the vicinity of Rzeszów-Jasionka international airport EPRz. It includes, among others, a hardened 900 m runway, a fuel station, taxiways, a hangar and a building for flight simulators. OKL has the following aircraft: Socata TB-9 Tampico, Piper PA-28 Arrow, Zlin 242 L, Piper PA-34 Seneca V. Rzeszów University of Technology aerodrome has exclusive use status for day and night VFR flights. About 900 pilots have been trained at the centre.

More information can be found on the website of the Aviation Training Centre